We managed to finally sit down and catch up with local Perth shredder, William Kitely, picked his brain about the skate scene from an 19 year old street rat’s perspective. What projects he has on the go and what’s the low-down in Perth. Straight out of school, board in hand, he reckons, “stick it to the man!”. He’s managed to turn his passion for skating into a career with the backing of a coupla big names.


  • So how old were you when you got your first wheels?

William: I Had Just turned 13, I’m fairly sure! 

  • What have you broken since you started skating?

William: Only hundreds of decks luckily, touch wood haha.

  • Where’s your favourite place to throw down in Aus?

William: CRIMEA FOR THE HOMIES! And the Deep NS.   

  • Who are you drawing inspiration from at the moment?

William: All my friends and the Crimea locals. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the politics and “what’s hot” in the skateboarding industry. I’m getting a bit older and wiser now, I’m turning 20 this year and I just don’t care anymore. I do it for me and I do it for Perth and what inspires me is progression in my own environment.

  • If I say Nyjah Huston… you say…?

William: Most talented skater of his age/generation, but show-ponying isn’t for me. Lets keep it rugged and raw. 

  • I hear you’ve been heading out of Perth and been throwing down a bunch of demos through Oz. What’s that all about?

William: It’s an awesome way to present skateboarding to kids in rural areas who usually don’t get the chance to experience the sport. I think it’s very important that the kid up in these areas around Australia get this opportunity. I know that for myself skateboarding helped keep me on track and directed. In lots of the areas I go to, there are huge issues with drugs and alcohol and it’s about trying to give these kids another option to getting them out of their situation. Skateboarding will always be there for you, no matter who you are, what you look like or what you believe. Which is why I would like every kid in Australia to have the same opportunity, to experience this freedom that I was lucky enough to have. 

  • Who or what is the hype these days on the streets of Perth?

William: In my opinion Perth’s street scene has gone a little quiet over the past few years with the destruction of many popular city skateboard spots like the Landing, Broken Bridges and the Mansion. The new popularization or “lark” of skateboarding where you focus on style instead of progression has also helped to ruin a once thriving scene. But what’s hyping me is the new Curbside mag which is offering democratic and fair exposure to all Perth skaters. My friend Connor Lapwood who just constantly destroys ledges left right and centre and all the Crimea locals, who are completely underrated by Perth’s greater scene, but are easily and undoubtedly the best skaters around. 

  • Who’s hooking you up?

William: Outerlimitz Skateshop, Trinity, Drawingboards skateboards, DSCO bearings, Pine Terrace Supply Co., Crimea Homies and my tgirlfriend as she doesn’t make me pay rent haha.

  • What future projects you got on the go? 

William: I am working on the early stages of a video with the Crims homies. Drawing and designing new ideas for future projects is something I’ve always done, and let me just say that everyone should keep there eyes on the street for the next few years as if everything works out then you’ll see some changes coming through and some amazing new stuff for skaters by skaters. Support local being a key ethos of mine.  

  • What do you do in your down time?

William: I’m always scheming, always hustling; If not I’m drawing, designing and creating. I’ll be waiting to go skate, hanging out with my beautiful Sarah or getting inspiration from my friends and the arcade. I also really like just rolling around skating as far as I can, not really to get tricks so I don’t count it as skateboarding. For me it’s just like going for a run or riding a bike, got to keep your mind entertained somehow and not much else holds my attention long enough. 

  • Katie Perry or Miley Cyrus?

William: Biggie smalls!

We would’ve said… “at the same time” haha

  • You got any shout outs?

William: Thanks to the Arcade, Outerlimitz Skate Shop, Crimea, my family and friends I skate with. Special shout outs have to go to rap/hip hop, junglebuss, 6$ cheese burger meals, Joseph Creese, John and Sarah Badman, Sarah De La Harpe and anyone and everyone who has believed in me or supported me in what ever way they could. I love you all. PEACE! 

Shot for your time Will! Keep an eye on this kid, he’s got a lot of passion and drive for skating and his local crew. We’re expecting to see big things from Will in the future.



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