If you are reading this then you have discovered our website and our very first blog post.


Have a look around! Everything is brand new and untouched and we’re really excited about it. We know that we are only taking up a very tiny part of the Internet and that your attention span is limited (that is not a diss, we just realise that taking up real estate in your brain is a sought after endeavour) so we will go out of our way to try our best to keep things fresh, unique and relevant to your interests.

SCUF stands for ‘Street Culture Uniting Freely’ a bit of a mouth full, we know, so that is why you can call us SCUF for short. The thing is, there is no other way of putting it! This is a website, a platform, a meeting place, a one-stop-shop for the something different from all the various spheres of street culture. From skating to surfing, graffiti to contemporary art, music and film, apparel and magazines…we do not discriminate! We only ask that it be original and that it tell a tale. Our aim is to inspire, to bring people together and to shine a light on what we feel more people need to know about.

We at SCUF love to travel and discover and experience new things and often we come across something that we think more people should know about. Africa is place that is very dear to our heart and Australia is our home. We have European roots and just like many, we are seduced by America. We find allure in South America, we’re intrigued by Asia and let’s not forget the Caribbean! Jah bless. All these cultures have their own street culture and it is usually derivative from something interesting and unimaginable.

To kick off the site we have Cape Town labels 2Bop and Dope Industries. Two of the freshest brands to come out of the cultural boiling pot that is South Africa. It was these brands that inspired us to embark on this business because we could see that the appeal lay further than the borders of Africa. This is just the tip of the half pipe, we hope that these brands will be the pebbles that cause a ripple effect and that our vision for SCUF will come to fruition.

We hope our passion, our enthusiasm, our hawk eye and vision appeals to you and that you feel compelled to join the movement. We want everyone with the same interest and love for the culture to consider us a meeting point.

Because we’re all so different and yet, we’re all the same. Round Logo white

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